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stranger friends

if you enjoy imperfect strangers, below is a list of stranger friends (shows)
melissa and amanda have guested on or have had as guests on their show.
below to listen.

Hosted by Andy Bellatti, it's astrology like you've never experienced it before. Approachable, fun, practical... and easy to understand!

Astrologer Andy Bellatti

Jade + X.D: The Blackest show about nothing. Tune in every week for their brand of humor and social commentary on anything and everything!

Jade and X.D. podcast art

A reality TV and pop culture digest where Petshopboy and friends talk about Real Housewives and other iconic women and trash men.

The B List with Petshopboy podcast art

Join world-renowned Medium Kareen as she opens up and shares her journey with angels, spirits, healing, and connections with this side AND the other side.

Psychic Medium Kareen Boebel

Light some sage and pop your popcorn, Roz is getting spooky! Though far from an expert on the unknown, Roz Drezfalez aka comedian Roz Hernandez (she/they) explores her curiosity of things that go “bump” in the night with her fun friends including celebrity guests, paranormal professionals, and listeners! Popular topics include EXTRAterrestrials, sleep paralysis demons, psychic experiences, urban legends, cryptids, and of course…GHOSTS!

Roz Drezfalez

Everyone's Business But Mine is a weekly journey through all the mess of reality TV, pop culture, and internet culture. I'm Kara Berry, your host and fellow busybody.

Everyone's Business But Mine Podcast Art

Austin Archer invites friends into his blanket fort recording studio in his North Hollywood apartment to discuss a new topic each week.

Austin Archer

Twice a week Kate Casey interviews directors, producers, and reality stars from unscripted television.

Kate Casey

Motherhood can make you feel isolated. And in this, ironically enough, you are not alone. Each week I have candid conversations with my favorite moms about work, raising kids and life at home.

Your Mom Has a Podcast
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